• Mekong River Cruise on the AmaLotus

    February 6th,2014 Posted in River Cruises
    Mekong River

      The 12th longest river in the world draws its sources from the icy reaches of the eastern Tibetan plateau. Along the way, the Mekong River, or “Mother Water” as the Chinese people call it, flows through six countries before it finally empties into the South China River. Historically, the Mekong River has always been […]

  • 5 Reasons To Go On A Cruise Than A Resort

    November 13th,2013 Posted in Cruise Tips
    relaxing on a boat cruise

    A cruise ship is usually a type of a sailing ship that is generally occupied by people who are either going for a vacation or a honeymoon. It is one of the best ways through one can escape the daily hustles and at list have some peace of mind and rest. A cruise ship usually […]

  • 5 Tips for Getting the Most of Your Cruise

    October 23rd,2013 Posted in Cruise Tips
    Inside Cruise Ship

    Fall vacation is a good time to go on a cruise for a family holiday or a romantic trip. It’s the best way to experience popular holiday destinations in safety, comfort and style. But if you do not do your homework carefully before embarking on the dream holiday of your life, you will end up […]

  • Yacht charters in Formentera with HopYachts

    August 2nd,2013 Posted in Yacht Charters
    hopyachts formentera

    With the yacht charter in Formentera provided by HopYachts you will sail through the amazing coast of Formentera, exploring its most beautiful treasures, swimming in pristine turquoise waters and wandering around magic white sanded beaches as the sun sets in the Mediterranean Sea.   Despite being the smallest of the Balearic Islands, Formentera has a […]

  • How To Get Amazing Cruise Deals

    July 15th,2013 Posted in Cruise Tips
    Hot deal

    Have you head of incredible cruise deals that let you buy a ticket at almost half of the normal fare? You would probably say that’s the kind of stuff that fantasies are made of. However, that’s entirely true. If you happen to be at the right place at the right time and surfing online hunting […]

  • Packing Tips For Your Cruise Vacation

    July 9th,2013 Posted in Cruise Tips
    packing for cruise

    Cruising has become a popular way of vacationing nowadays.  You’re getting over excited to have lots of fun! But if you are a bit similar to me, you probably still have those small panic attacks in packing your luggage. It comes down to having a hard time deciding on what you should bring on your […]

  • Cruising Through Perth, Australia

    July 7th,2013 Posted in Cruise Destinations

    Our lives are busy and we often do not take the time to relax and enjoy our surroundings. We may dream of getting away, but so often we find excuses not to. It’s time to look around to find something to do to relax and enjoy nature.Perth, Australia, the capital of Western Australia, offers many […]

  • 6 Things Every Cruise Ship Should Have

    June 13th,2013 Posted in Cruise Tips
    177 Vk0gMDkyXzIwMTEgLSAwMTQuanBn

    A cruise is the perfect vacation and a great way to see the world for a low cost. Many cruise liners today can offer the very best in comfort, entertainment and dining. Whether you’re a cruise professional or you’re going on one for the first time, here are six things that every cruise liner should […]

  • Yangtze River 4-Day Cruise Review

    May 29th,2013 Posted in Cruise Destinations
    Excursion the ship sails on the Yangtze River

    The Victoria Grace cruise travels the Chinese Yangtze River over the course of a four-day downstream trip. The cruise encompasses comfortable living, breathtaking scenery and world-class hospitality that promise the most pleasurable break. Whilst on a trip to Asia, going on a cruise is an ideal way to fill up your itinerary. Planning a holiday […]

  • Booking a Cruise on a Budget

    May 14th,2013 Posted in Cruise Tips
    Hand pushing the button

    With the peak of vacation season just ahead, many families will likely be looking to head to an exotic locale on the cheap. Cruises, in fact, allow individuals to explore several different countries on one trip. Whether people ultimately want to visit the ice and snow of Alaska or the white-sand beaches of the Caribbean, […]

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