• Foodies Take Note! Culinary Cruises You Must Take In 2014

    July 15th,2014 Posted in Cruise Review

    When it comes down to it, cruises are inescapably an exercise in hedonism. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, as we give so much to our jobs, our families, and our communities that we certainly deserve to take a break from this servitude every so often. One of the ways a cruise allows you […]

  • Southeast Asian Destinations That Your Ship Must Call On

    July 5th,2014 Posted in Cruise Destinations

    For many people, taking a trip to the exotic region of Southeast Asia is a life long dream, and with an addictive combo of fabulous food, the world’s finest beaches, and some of its friendliest people, it’s hard to argue why. One major stumbling block to their aspirations relates to the chaos that often reigns […]

  • 3 Cruise Amenities That Will Make You Want To Stay At Sea

    June 22nd,2014 Posted in Cruise Tips

    While some folks out there like to wing it when they travel, hopping on a plane and leaving everything that happens on the ground up to chance, others seek out the comfort of planned excursions. Cruises fit this model of travel, allowing attendees to drift along from one destination to the next without worrying about […]

  • How To Avoid Getting Sick On Your Cruise

    June 12th,2014 Posted in Cruise Tips

    While most cruises go off without a hitch year after year, the fact of the matter is that cruise ships are environments where large numbers of people are in close proximity to each other for weeks at a time. There are many common areas where rogue viruses and bacteria can be encountered with much greater […]

  • Quick Things To Do In Icelandic Ports Of Call

    June 1st,2014 Posted in Cruise Destinations

    These days, cruises to chillier climates are becoming increasing popular. With the cliché of the tropical cruise vacation so passe, more and more travelers want to see coastal landscapes that aren’t defined by palm trees and white sand beaches, opting instead for glaciers and rugged coastlines served up with a ever-present nip in the air. […]

  • Three Fabulous Cruise Ship Routes in Africa

    May 23rd,2014 Posted in Cruise Destinations

    Most cruise ship routes ply the waters of regions of the world that many people generally perceive as safe and predictable, as most prefer their vacation plans to be as incorruptible as possible. Despite feelings to the contrary, most routes through the waters off the grand continent of Africa are safe enough for cruises to […]

  • Some Like It Cold: 3 Chilly Cruise Destinations

    May 21st,2014 Posted in Cruise Destinations

    While cruising has traditionally been associated with voyages to hot and sunny tropical destinations, not all voyages in the cruising world adhere to this cliché. Indeed, more trips these days are being launched to chillier climes around the globe, and while the weather may not be as sultry as in the Caribbean or Mediterranean, the […]

  • The Budget Traveler’s Guide To Cruising

    May 18th,2014 Posted in Cruise Tips

    When our daily experiences sneaks up on us and wreaks havoc in our life, we often long for escape, if only for a week or two. While adventurous backpackers may be comfortable leaping into the unknown and letting fate have their way with them, many others like it very much when tourism providers take care […]

  • Cruising Portugal’s Douro River

    May 14th,2014 Posted in River Cruises

    When it comes to river cruising, Europe is unquestionably the epicenter of this sub-niche of the cruise industry. Every year, increasing amounts of foreign travelers are discovering a method of travel that combines the ease and relaxing nature of a holiday spent aboard a boat with all the amenities, with the bizarre but intriguing sensation […]

  • The Loneliest Port: Calling On Pitcairn Island

    May 11th,2014 Posted in Cruise Destinations

    These days, it’s easy to get jaded about the usual tropical island destinations that most cruise ships typically call on, be it in the Caribbean, Mediterranean or elsewhere. Many of these highly trafficked tourist destinations are packed to the gills with visitors during high season, and the locals have been affected by these massive onslaught […]

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