• Top highlights of a Chilean Cruise

    January 23rd,2015 Posted in Cruise Destinations

    Extending more than 5,000 kilometres from subtropical desert to sub-Antarctic mountains, Chile is one of the world’s most geographically diverse nations. Being a country defined by the sea, where its eastern border is visible from almost anywhere you happen to find yourself (The continental divide of South America is this marker of this for the […]

  • Ports of Call in the Middle East: See Them With Cunard in 2015

    December 23rd,2014 Posted in Cruise Destinations

    For reasons that are self-evident to those that reside in the west, not many cruise lines offer itineraries that call on ports in the Middle East. However, Cunard, one of the world’s finest marine cruise operators, sails more than 40 routes to the region every year, allowing the more adventurous among us to experience this […]

  • Circling Oz: Going On An Australia Circumnavigation Cruise

    November 20th,2014 Posted in Cruise Destinations

    While many wish to visit Australia before their time in this world is finished, the sheer size of the place makes it hard for many to conceive how to do this massive nation the justice that it deserves. Thankfully for cruisers, an Australia circumnavigation cruise solves this issue with ease, as it sails around the […]

  • Make The Most Of Your Time In Guadeloupe

    October 10th,2014 Posted in Cruise Destinations

    When you venture into the islands of the Caribbean, the cultural legacy of these gems is varied as it they fascinating. From the British past of Barbados, the American influence present in Puerto Rico, and the unmistakably Dutch touches found in Aruba, the past of these islands mixes with the descendants of freed slaves and […]

  • See The Best of North America’s West Coast On These Pacific Coast Cruises

    September 26th,2014 Posted in Cruise Destinations

    Those wanting to experience the best of North America’s west coast have a variety of options available at their disposal. With options ranging from a short getaways of a few days, to expansive tours lasting more than three weeks, you can escape the everyday for as long as you can afford. From Alaska in the […]

  • Port of Call In Focus: Oranjestad, Aruba

    September 12th,2014 Posted in Cruise Destinations

    When you are booking a Caribbean cruise this fall or winter, you should strongly consider sailings that includes Oranjestad, Aruba as a stop. Unlike many other islands in the Caribbean Sea, Aruba sits below the Atlantic hurricane belt, meaning that it hardly sees any significant rainfall throughout the year. If you fear rain ruining your […]

  • Viva la Vida Libre! Three Awesome Ports of Call in Mexico

    August 29th,2014 Posted in Cruise Destinations

    If September just around the corner, holiday planning season is about to commence and with that, you have started ponder what amazing cruise your family will take this high season. Having explored the Caribbean and the Mediterranean in winters past, it’s high time that you finally discover the best of what coastal Mexico has to […]

  • Next Stop, Colombo: What To Do In Sri Lanka’s Capital

    August 15th,2014 Posted in Cruise Destinations

    If you have a cruise taking you through South Asia in the near future, you may find yourself eagerly anticipating arrival in the many storied cities of India or the newly opened up shores of Burma. However, there is one port of call that you find very intriguing: Sri Lanka, Colombo. Being known in the […]

  • Awesome Ports Of Call On A Chilean Cruise

    July 30th,2014 Posted in Cruise Destinations

    Spanning the entire southern half of South America’s Pacific coast, Chile is a nation that practically begs to be explored by boat. This fall, as the Southern Hemisphere trends towards its summer, take a break from the darkening days up north to discover this intriguingly beautiful and modern nation. There are many environments to explore […]

  • Foodies Take Note! Culinary Cruises You Must Take In 2014

    July 15th,2014 Posted in Cruise Review

    When it comes down to it, cruises are inescapably an exercise in hedonism. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, as we give so much to our jobs, our families, and our communities that we certainly deserve to take a break from this servitude every so often. One of the ways a cruise allows you […]

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