• What are top highlights that Indonesia has to offer?

    June 19th,2016 Posted in Cruise Destinations

    Photo by CC user Brian Henry on Thinking of taking a walk on the wild side and visiting Indonesia later this year? Synonymous with exoticism in the minds of many people, there is much to discover in this country of 18,000 islands. Below, we will briefly describe some of the top highlights that Indonesia has to […]

  • The leisurely traveler’s guide to the Riviera Maya

    June 6th,2016 Posted in Cruise Destinations

    Some travellers in the Riviera Maya attempt to see every single sight that is located in the region. You’re not one of those people; when your cruise ship comes into port, you’re content to pick one attraction that interests you, and lavish your entire attention upon it. However, it’s natural to be left wanting more […]

  • Top cruise destinations in Turkey

    May 12th,2016 Posted in Cruise Destinations

    Planning your reward for getting through the upcoming winter? If so, be sure to consider some of the top cruise destinations in Turkey, as this nation’s combination of natural wonders and age old history make it a holiday spot unlike many other spots in the world. 1) Istanbul Serving as the cultural and geographic crossroads […]

  • Port of call in focus: Puerto Limon, Costa Rica

    May 9th,2016 Posted in Cruise Destinations

    Puerto Limon is Costa Rica’s sole city on its sparsely populated Caribbean coast, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to see here. Given its low key nature, you might find your time here to be the highlight of your trip. Let’s delve further into what you can see and do here… Day excursions: […]

  • Coastal cities in Morocco worth a visit

    May 6th,2016 Posted in Cruise Destinations

    Thinking of plotting out a cruise that will take in the North African nation of Morocco? Here are some coastal cities in Morocco that might be of interest to you as you plan your itinerary… Agadir Located on the southern portions of Morocco’s Atlantic coast, Agadir has long been a magnet for European beach goers […]

  • Port of Call in Focus: Nassau Bahamas

    May 4th,2016 Posted in Cruise Destinations

    Is Nassau in the Bahamas on your list of ports to visit during a Caribbean cruise this winter? This edition of Port of Call in Focus will reveal everything you need to know to make your visit to Nassau Bahamas a great one. See the Old Town Unlike the colonial centres of other cities in the […]

  • Alaska Ferries Eliminate Famous And Beloved Bars

    October 14th,2015 Posted in Uncategorized

    by thehipmunk Spending four days on a choppy boat with no Internet sounds daunting, especially when it’s spent on a deck chair and not in a cabin. But Alaska’s ferries offer an odd but charming mix of local culture, scenic views, and until recently, cheap drinks. The Alaska Department of Transportation recently announced that they […]

  • 6 Selfie Stick Variations Every Traveler Needs Right Now

    October 12th,2015 Posted in Uncategorized

    by thehipmunk Selfie sticks: Love ‘em or hate ‘em (and boy do some people hate them), they’re becoming a legitimate trend for world travelers and homebodies alike. At no point has this been more apparent than with the recent creation of the selfie spoon, which allows anyone aspiring to Instagram fame to simultaneously showcase their meal and […]

  • The Most Majestic Architecture In Europe

    October 10th,2015 Posted in Uncategorized

    by thehipmunk Traveling through Europe is a great way to experience not only some of the world’s best food, art, and culture, but also some of its best architecture. Architecture in Europe seamlessly blends the ancient with the modern to create a landscape that honors history, while also being innovative and forward-thinking. Though nearly every European […]

  • Could The Side-Slip Airplane Seat Change The Boarding Process Game Forever?

    October 8th,2015 Posted in Uncategorized

    by thehipmunk One of the most frustrating parts of a flight comes at the very beginning: The slow-moving and cramped boarding process is a constant hassle. Dozens of people, loaded down with heavy bags (and kids and strollers), attempt to navigate their way to their seats by squeezing past one another in an impossibly thin […]

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